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TDCJ in a positive light, Eph. 1:3, 1:4

What trusting in God's word looks like.

For Those

Still Serving Time


On Different Terms™

I have designed my first mission bound logo items as another form of fundraising for my non-profit organization. And I'm proud to say they have made it here.

These items were created for two reasons.

One, I am a X-felon who fully believe that my Jonah experience in TDCJ was not a waste.

And secondly, my life is clear of guilt & free from shame to be me. I am transparent as the bags because I am OK with sharing my storm filled story.

The mess I made with mistakes only provided me with messages in which to build my platform on.

Every test I have encountered including today just allows my testimonies to teach to others the truth.

As a volunteer, we have to carry our things in a clear bag for security reasons however I see a deeper meaning in carrying the clear bag. I have nothing to hide.

So, I decided to brand it and sell as a way to invite others in on this journey of freedom in Christ.

If you share this belief and would like to support our mission, you can visit our store for the purchase.

Thanks for your support in advance!

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