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About me Tina Y. Washington

Flipped Kouture™ was created by Tina Yolanda Washington. It's primary purpose is to provide a home in which unique, powerful, and inspirational designer pieces are made with a passion for encouraging, enriching, and enhancing the total person. 


Tina, is a wife, mother, mentor, writer, designer, teacher and one heck of a “seamstress”. She's involved in different groups in support of the causes she advocates. She donates clothing, shoes and accessories as well as her time and skills to women who are starting life all over again.


Flipped Kouture™ was founded on the fashion forward designs and inspirational ideals of Pitts. What started for Pitts as a web store front she created in 2007 while building her clothing line, has since evolved into a worldwide mission driven campaign with an acclaimed body of fine artful brands.


Flipped Kouture™ campaign is rooted in the "Do It Yourself, for yourself, by yourself" counterculture of self-love building through fashion and focus, but has also taken cues from spiritual guidance, popular culture, commercial marketing and political messaging. Pitts places her ideology and iconography in self-empowerment. With biting sarcasm verging on reverse psychology, she provokes viewers, using the imperative concept of being “flipped” and “couture” about it, to take heed of the propagandists out to bend the world to their agendas.


Flipped Kouture™ was formed in 2014 as an extension of Washingtons’ range of work. Aligned with her populist views, clothing became another canvas to spread her craft and message to the people. The clothing is heavily inspired by classic military textile & designs, urdanized into everyday wear, as well as the elements and cultural movements Pitts has based her design career on. Drawing from personal experiences of herself and others, Pitts works to create designs that represent her influences, ideals and philosophy.


Flipped Kouture™ is about variety and experience, thinking about your surroundings and questioning the purpose. Stay tuned for the next layer, as the fabric textiles will undoubtedly continue to change, evolve and tell stories. And it’s all in the name of fun, fashion and observation. The medium is the message printed on material.

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