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Introducing the C*A*T


The crew serve dual missions working with SS. On one hand, they are in the classroom as staff for educating adults and kids on how to sew, craft and create. But on another hand, they could be on set pulling off a fashion show or stage production.

No matter the call, CAT crew is coming through. 

Fashion Girl is SS personal assistant for every project. FG loves to rock the latest of fashions and is known for not being a repeat offender of fashion. 


Handy Man is the main man and he makes sure things are in place and working at it best. From building props and sets to getting things that need a little fixing or upgrading, HM is on the main line. 

Sassy Artist is who created all of the illustrations needed for SS activity books to teach with but she also teaches other how to draw too. SA is a natural and making anything on paper look like real life images. 

Crafty Chick is also a multi-tasker. When SS needs something blinged out or making use of leftover material CC will create a way. She also is a amazing MUA and can beat a face down in minutes to fit any theme or situation. 

LadiD'Cor is the one who can make a room light up with magic. She designs interior looks on stage like she was in a room in a house and no matter how big or small the project is, LD will make it happen. 

CaTina, our adoring and all in one purposeful cat. She uses her purr-fect skills in the most creative way. CAT defines the mission of the SS super awesome crew. 

Creative Artist Team

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