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AAU RADIO with host Chevonna Johnson/Dr. TY Washington

AAU Radio with special guest Dr. TY Washington Fashion Designer/Motivational Speaker/Author and Radio Personality.

TY Washington is a 20+ veteran in the fashion & design business. She owns her own shop where she does alterations & custom work of all kinds to include flipping clothes from one design to another. She also teaches the art of sewing from beginners to people in the business. She's a wife and mother and has couple of dogs. Outside of having the love of writing and sharing her craft with others, she mentors and stays involved in women support groups that advocates for great causes. She is one who can take a subject and build a helpful and encouraging story that can either bring tears of joy or provoke you to take action. From sewing fabrics to sowing in the lives of others through her writings, TY is one watch for the reaping!

AAU Global Media Production Group

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