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A X-Con's Mission, Message & Movement!

As the saying goes, you never know what you would do until it happens to you. Bringing awareness to the silent judgement of x-cons.

I believe that all sinners are created equal and with that we all fallen man(felons).

from convict to conviction to confession to conversion to connected to Jesus to Saved!

Eph. 2:8 - For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:

After reviewing all the truths of us sinners, I find there is a common thread, we must all feel convicted to repent to receive this Grace.

After God allowing me to go to prison(based on the choices I made), He then gave me a mandate. That was to gain wisdom and receive His truths and then go and share them. He also blessed me with creative ways to do this. Nothing happens by errors but by design.

I am a designer who loves creating inspiring yet thought provoking designs.

I am doing a few different fund raisers for my non profit organization to assist X-felons who are returning home to start their new life with a fresh start.

One of the ways I plan to do that is to sell designs especially made to draw the attention off of the X and onto the person.

My mission in the message is to encourage and enlighten what freedom really is, which is TRUTH.

The t-shirt designs are to assist in opening our eyes to these truths as well as provide funding to assist those who are choosing to walk in their new opportunites of freedom. I believe every person should be afforded an opportunity to another chance.

We are all FELONS( fallen man) - because we were all born into SIN! And since we all are sinners saved by Grace, we are also X-cons.

I know and realize this may not be received well by all but it does not change the TRUTH in it.

My goal is to take every possible negative word beginning with CON and bring out a positive message from it.

Your support in these endeavors are greatly appreciated and will bless many. So thanks in advance!

Everyone has a story, What's yours?

My goal is to take

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