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ADHD Awareness Month

October is ADHD/ADD Awareness month. Many people do not know that this condition is a life altering one. If you have known anyone who has it, you can better understand it. But if you have not, then it is time to become aware if it. I will be posting information to bring an awareness to ADHD/ADD because so many fall subject to be rejected or outcaste due to the lack of not knowing about it. Being a person who has lived with it but for the most part being undiagnosed left me kind of lost at times. Back in my day, the only prescription you received for hyperactivity and it was a daily / as needed and in high doses, was butt whippings and punishments. The real old school way. But today, they have so many who are still being misclassified due to the condition, given drugs and usually put aside. Because of my condition, I had to learn how to live and function in a world that did not know how to really work with you. Now that I am an adult living with ADHD and have a child that has it, I am very informed and aware of the signs and symptoms as well as ways outside of using drugs to assist bringing some normality to my life and the people who love and support me. So you know, I am now Out of the Shadows of being shameful of my condition and on a mission to fight for a cause and the people who at times remain voiceless. Please become aware and support the awareness of ADHD/ADD, it could save someone's life.

TY Washington


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