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Discipleship Unlimited

Belonging to something greater than you alone can do is what I believe being apart of DU is about. This post is here to share what God has richly connected me to during my time of incarceration and after returning home and how it continues awesomely blessed me to grow with.

Please read and learn more about this wonderful program and what God has blessed the volunteers to be able to do behind the walls and within the prison system.

Thousands of people, both inside and outside prison walls, have felt the impact of Discipleship Unlimited, a multi-faceted ministry based in Gatesville, Texas. We seek to build up believers through prayer, accountability, and Biblical truth.


We have a growing team of SET FREE faith dorm graduates. Our goal is to equip them to do the work of the ministry. Please keep praying for Discipleship Unlimited as we forge ahead both inside and outside of prison walls. With joy,

The Strom family-staff and volunteers

God has opened many new doors. We need your prayers for finances to meet all the wonderful new opportunities. If you would like to support the ministry on line visit our website If you would like to support the ministry via electronic bank transfer, get more information If you would like to receive your newsletter via e-mail, sign up


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