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Helping Hand Sewing School, Inc

Sewing has a bad image. Many people see it as little more than a sweet hobby, something their Granny did, and not something that’s at all relevant to a 21st century lifestyle. We live in a service culture and alterations and clothing repairs has become something we now outsource rather than do at home ourselves.

I often hear people say, “sewing is all very well, but how would it benefit me to learn?”

Here are my top 10 reasons why you should definately learn to sew

  1. Had you made your own jubilee bunting it would not only have been unique, but you wouldn’t have had to worry about wether or not it was made in a sweatshop by small children!

  2. Unless you’re one of a teeny percentage in our population, clothes bought in the high street always need adjusting. Learning to do it yourself could save a tenner an alteration, meaning you’ll have more cash to buy other stuff

  3. Making your own clothes means you’ll never again arrive at an event and see someone else in the same outfit

  4. The secret to clothes looking good is fit. If it’s inexpensive but you’ve tailored it to fit you perfectly then you’ll look fabulous. However if it’s expensive but doesn’t fit, then you’ll look less than your best

  5. It’s a great way to switch off from modern life. Sewing is an extremely engaging activity. It’s a very mindful process, you can’t multi task when sewing so it really does give your brain a holiday from the overload of our 21st century lifestyles

  6. There is no sense of satisfaction greater than holding your head up high and saying ” i made this” when asked where your fabulous clothes/soft furnishings or cushions came from

  7. Sewing your own things allows you to have exactly what you want, you are not at the mercy of being limited to what is available on the high street.

  8. Sewing is a fantastic way of expressing your creativity, the sky really is the limit when putting together fabrics and trims for your own projects

  9. Being able to sew is empowering, you are not at the mercy of needing anyone else to do stuff for you.

  10. Sewing is brilliant for “upcycling” or re-cycling clothes. Once you are nifty with a needle, you could transform your wardrobe over and over without ever really needing to buy more than a few basic items


So why not get to a library and read a book on sewing, or watch some you tube how to vids, and maybe even find a local sewing class or group to get started……

Happy Stitching :)

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