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Helping Hand Sewing School Inc

Helping Hand Sewing School, Inc. is a non profit organization that was formed to create a fun and educational place to learn to sew. Even though the original purpose of the organization was to be a avenue of resources to meet the need of giving youths in summer camp the opportunity to learn to sew, it has now evolved into a place for adults to learn as well. 

Helping Hand Sewing School was founded by Tina Washington, the owner of Flipped Kouture. She has been sewing for over 30 years and has been teaching for more than  10 years. Tina's desire to share the love and skill of sewing has been fueled by the request of many to learn. 

Our goals have also changed over the years and the need base of our services has increased. We want to meet those needs.

We have expanded our classes to organizations that assist people who has experienced life altering situations like shelters, transitional houses, reentry programs, etc. 

Most of our programs will be available for the public however due to low staff at the current time we will be working mostly with women and children through pre-existing organizations. 

With the funds donated, we will be able to continue providing our classes to these organizations at no cost, have the tools and supplies needed for the classes, needed machine repairs,  and the daily cost to operate the organization. 

Some of our future goals are to be able to assist women who are coming home from prison with transportation, clothing and a few other basic needs. We are also planning a prom dress give-a -way to a few deserving young ladies.

We are currently excepting all forms of donations to include: fabric, sewing notions, patterns, sewing machines and other sewing items. 

We are really excited about being able to provide our services to those who are interested in learning to sew but are also looking for ways to bond with either their own children or others who may be going through challenging times as themselves. 

We would like to host a couple new classes for the holiday season and would need to raise at least $3,500 to do so. Of course we are always growing so our full goal is $10,000 and that would help us provide 6 months of classes for 3 locations.

We are grateful for all donations as we are still doing other fundraisers too.

For more information, please feel free to contact me via our website  We are always happy to share our vision with those who are interested in being a part of the process.

Thanks so much in advance for your financial gift to a worthy organization that believes in the gifts that keeps on giving, Sewing! 

TY Washington

Help spread the word!

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